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Merkur Vision Brochure

The Vision adjustable twist to open butterfly blade loading razor gives a very close and expert shave. However, due to the mechanics of this razor there are some things you need to know and think about before purchase. This razor is not for everyone and need special care to keep the inner working in functioning order. While Merkur warrants for manufacture defects they don't warrant for a razor that malfunctions due to lack of cleaning or care. Also, there are some blade tolerance issues that need to be understood. Please read the following information from Merkur about the Vision when deciding if this razor is for you. With proper care and cleaning you can experience some of the greatest shaves possible.

re: VISION weight

The weight of the razor in comparison to the other double edge razors by MERKUR is considerably heavier and needs some getting used to. Even the slightest pressure can lead to an uncomfortable or even awkward feeling. The bulk and weight needs practice to wield, and it is best to work without any pressure at all, until you are more comfortable with the handling of the razor.

re: VISION dial

The VISION lettering on the razor is not meant to be a dial indicator from V to N. The blade gap will only open so far, and it will never open over the entire lettering. The razors are assembled by hand, and none is exactly like the other. The lettering is only to remember the perfect gap width for you personally, so that after taking the razor apart for cleaning, you can readjust the razor again to your ideal setting.
For safety purposes we have changed the assembly slightly, so the blade will not be exposed anymore at the LOWEST setting to prevent injury. Therefore you can "close the razor", even though the blade is installed.



re: VISION gap
If the gap appears slightly uneven, it is due to normal tolerances and not an indication for a defect. The slight tolerances are quite normal (the chrome plating will not have the exact same thickness all over the razor), so this might lead to slight differences in the blade gap on one side of the razor head versus the other. Also, the razor is assembled by hand, so there will always be tolerances that do not influence the function of the razor, nor its performance.
In addition the blade - when inserted - has a little bit of give around the cut-outs along the center for easier loading and removing. Since it's virtually impossible to hold the razor top 100% in balance so you can center the blade perfectly, the blade will always be a little bit more exposed on one side than the other. Again, this is normal and will happen to basically every safety razor.
If you feel that one side is more aggressive than the other, try loading the razor with the blade tipping it towards the less aggressive side while closing it, so the more aggressive side should become less so.


Merkur Vision Razor Brochure

About How to Operate a Merkur Vision Double Edge Safety Razor


The Vision opens using the butterfly (silo) action by twisting the lower section of the handle. This top-of-the-line model is the most heavy duty and complex double edge available. Its high precision performance and fully adjustable blade angle allows the user to customize the shave to personal preference. 4 3/4 inch total razor length. Weight is 4.4 ounce. The band with the word VISION is used to adjust the blade gap - Turning clockwise is most closed, and turning counter-clockwise is most open.

For thorough cleaning (pictures 6-8): remove blade, press the flaps by hand against the base of the top until the bottom lid comes off. Remove bottom lid through the eccentric perforation from the groove of the guide rod. Pull up the rod out of the razor body with open flaps. Take off the handle, rinse the parts, and if necessary use lime solvent before or clean with brush. Insert blade only after re-assembly.

(More info: Merkur adjustable razors video showing size comparison for the Progress, Futur and Vision)


Merkur Vision Safety Razor Maintenance